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Solar Engineering
Release time:2017-6-22 20:56:04

Power provided by the sun. Performance provided by Koka

Koka designs and manufactures industry-leading solar racking and mounting solutions for Commercial and Utility Scale Photovoltaic projects.? Installers and project owners have come to rely on our solar racking solutions to help:

Improve installation time
Increase system performance
Enhance durability

Unmatched Manufacturing Capacity

With over one million square feet of a global manufacturing footprint, Koka consistently provides quality products for virtually any solar project size or location.
Speed of Installation

Our culture of innovation drives our engineers and staff to design unique labor- and time-saving racking and mounting systems that provide total lowest cost of installation.
Complete Balance of System

Koka is uniquely positioned to offer a full line of complimentary components to seamlessly combine panel mounting, cable or wire management, enclosures, fasteners and more to help maximize efficiency and technologies within your solar project.

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