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Koka Company provider ODM and OEM,We have a strong design team and production capacity, we can according your require to produce .

We can provide the stamping , Injection molding,welding , surface finished (EZ/HDG/COPPER PLATED /POWDER COATING )

1, Strut Framing systems

      strut channel

      back to back strut channel 

      back to back strut channel with wing 

      strut fittings

2, Pipe Support systems

    cushion clamps

    insulation tube clamp

    strut clamp

    loop hanger

    cable clamp

    clevis hanger

    nut clip

    saddle clamp

    M8+M10 pipe clamp with EPDM

3, Spring Nut system

    spring nut 

    stud nut 

    rod stiffener

    sping nut with washer 

    T head bolt with bige washer 

4, Cable support system

    perforated cable tray

    cable ladder

    cable trunking 

    wire mesh cable tray

5, Solar Moungting system

    auminun rail channel

    mid clamp

    end clamp

    glazed tile 

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