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Koka cushion clamps service HVAC system and Copper pipe installation
Release time:2021-11-12 11:04:01

ITEM : Cushion Clamps(Strut Cushion Clamps)( China Manufacturer and Factory Supplier)

TUBE SIZE: Available From 1/4" to  6" pipe

FINISHED: Yellow di-chromate

FUNCTION: Fits any standard 1 5/8" wide strut channel

FEATURES:  Strut Cushion Clamps

  • Stud Securely fastened to one clamp half.

  • Nylon insert nut assures a positive lock .

  • Cushion material is a thermoplastic elastomer resistant to most fuels, oils,gases, greases, solvents, mineral acids, chemicals and industrial cleaners,Temperature range -50℉to +275℉

  • Fast and simple installation - one person/one tool required.

  • Modular design allows adding or changing piping without disturbing adjacent Tube.

  • Tube sizes can be mixed to suit installation requirments.

  • Metal components are Tri-Valent (non-hex) plated.

  • Also available in 304 and 316 stainless steel. 

  • If any special demand, pls call +86-(21) 6048 8958 or if you prefer send an email to

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