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strut channel in construction
Release time:2023-09-11 11:52:01

What is the purpose of strut channel

Strut channel as a building material, is widely used in various fields,especially in construction industry.

What is strut channel

A strut channel, commonly referred to as unistrut channel, c channel or just a strut, is a type of metal framework used in both industrial and construction settings. It is formed up of a length of hollow, slotted metal channel, usually composed of steel or aluminum. The channel is used to offer support, a framework, and mounting choices for various parts and pieces of equipment. It is usually applied for house structure, bridge construction, HVAC system etc.

The features of unistrut channel

1.       Versatility

Strut channel are know for their versatility when it comes to building and installation jobs. They can be used to support conduit, pipes, wiring, cable trays, HVAC equipment, and other components, among many other things. You can choose slotted channel or plain channel to meet your different requirements. Slots are located along the length of strut channels, allowing accessories, spring nuts or rod stiffeners to be moved around and adjusted as necessary.

2.       Strength and Load-Bearing Capacity

Strut channels are used to be provided exceptionally hardness and load-bearing in construction industry. It can equally distribute weight across the channel and support large loads.

3.       Compatitive

Strut channels have standardized dimensions and design. Their compatibility ensure they could work with wide range of accessories, such as brackets, clamps, hangers, fasteners and channel nuts, which makes it easy to customize and configure the strut channel system according to specific project requirements.

4.       Durability

Most strut channels are constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminum. They are designed to withstand heavy use, resist corrosion, and provide long-lasting performance even in harsh environments. Unistrut channel has a variety of surface treatment processes, such as electro-galvanized(EG), pre-galvanized(PG), hot dip galvanized(HDG), powder coated etc. In particular, HDG strut channel and stainless steel unistrut channel are widely used because of their strong resistance to corrosion.

5.       Easy Installation & Cost Effective

Strut channels have pre-punched holes or slots all the way down their length, making installation quick and simple. The slots also allow for the placing and adjusting of fittings and accessories. Whats more, strut channel provide an economical alternative for organizing,supporting,and fastening numerous components in building projects. Their ease of installation, compatibility with accessories, and long-term durability contribute to overall cost savings.

The classification of strut channel

Strut channel includes hot-rolled strut channel, cold-formed strut channel and steel pipes. It is widely used in industry, construction, bridges, petroleum facilities and other fields. It has significant advantages in modern construction field. Like Hot Rolled H-shaped channel, Its cross-sectional shape is economical and reasonable, and its mechanical properties are good. During rolling, the extension of each point on the cross-section is relatively uniform and the internal stress is small. In comparison, hot-rolled H-shaped steel structures weigh 15% to 20% less than traditional steel structures. Hot-rolled strut channel can significantly save labor and materials, reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and labor, consume expensive welding materials and weld seam inspection, save about 30% of the steel structure manufacturing cost, and its accuracy relatively high, good appearance and surface quality, and high degree of industrial manufacturing.

In short, the construction of modern industry is inseparable from section steel. Especially in developing countries, the demand for unistrut channel is increasing day by day.

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