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KOKA Group Has Set Up The "KOKA" Brand Strategy
Release time:2015-10-31 14:41:30

KOKA Brand Profile

The Koka group was formally established "KOKA" brand strategy, Koka after Fifteen years of continuous efforts and progress, has now become the engineering building materials industry hoisting system, cable supporting system of professional solutions and suppliers, large-scale comprehensive enterprise Koka company set the development, design, production, sales, the company is headquartered in Shanghai city Jiading District Economic Development Zone, have two modern factory in Zhejiang Jiaxing and Jiangsu Wuxi , the company currently gradually using fully automated production lines, to provide personalized demand and global sourcing solutions for global customers, since the establishment of the company, we always uphold the "integrity, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, together with the global customers, mutual benefit, and always adhere to the product quality first, Continuous development and optimization design, with user-friendly, simple installation tosatisfied customer needs ,at the same time, efforts to reduce customer cost to adapt to the globalization competition, with customers around the world together to deal with the complex economic environment, to achieve common growth targets.

KOKA group in order to better development in the future, as well as to make greater contribution to the global customers and society, Koka Group officially founded the brand strategy, adhere to high quality, high standards, high efficiency of production and service, to bring more global customers, higher development space.

Brand outlook

In the development of building materials industry more, increasingly fierce competition today, we have been convinced that the brand is the real way out, because we clearly know the Koka Mu will be developed into: industry well-known "Koka Mu", the global market for building materials industry leader;

"KOKA" in life"

Make "KOKA" a part of the quality of life;

Security "KOKA"

To make the engineering contractors love KOKA;

Brand positioning

Brand positioning: safety; simple; fast;

Brand advertising language: Choose Koka , Choose Safe !

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