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clevis hanger
Release time:2023-09-21 15:55:52

What is a clevis hanger

Aclevis hanger is a kind of pipe or conduit support that can be used to suspend or secure pipes, tubes, or electrical conduits from overhead structures like beams, ceilings, or walls in a variety of industrial and construction applications. For maintaining the elevation and alignment of pipes or conduits in plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and electrical systems, it was created to offer a durable and flexible support system.



U-Shaped Design: The upper portion of clevis hangers is U-shaped or clevis-shaped. The hanger could be fastened to a structural component, such as a beam or ceiling joist, due to this U-shaped component.

Clevis Pin: A clevis pin is a detachable pin that fits through holes in the U-shaped section of the clevis hanger. The hanger is connected to the support structure using this pin as the point of connection.

Lower Attachment Point: The lower part of the clevis hanger has a downward-extending threaded rod or bolt. This bolt or rod is used to suspend and fasten the conduit or pipe.

Adjustable Nut: The lower threaded rod frequently has a nut or other threaded component. To modify the height and alignment of the suspended pipe or conduit, tighten or loosen this nut.


Support and Stability: They ensure that pipes and conduits remain in the proper position without sagging or misalignment through offering robust and sturdy support.

Adjustability: The threaded rod and adjustable nut enable precise adjustment of the supported pipe or conduit's elevation and alignment. This is crucial for preserving correct drainage and flow in plumbing systems or guaranteeing accurate alignment in the construction of electrical conduit.

Load Distribution:To avoid placing undue strain on the pipe or conduit, clevis hangers properly distribute the weight of the hanging objects. This is essential to maintaining the integrity of electrical conduits and preventing damage or leaks in plumbing systems.

Versatility:Since clevis hangers come in a variety of sizes and materials, they can be worked with a number of pipe and conduit sizes and materials.

Easy Installation:They are quite simple to install, making them a popular choice in construction projects.

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