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Wire Mesh Cable Tray
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Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray
Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray

Products:Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray

        Wire Mesh Cable trays and baskets provide a safe open solution for routing cables and wires. Its wire-frame

        composition allows air to circulate for proper cable ventilation to provide a track that allows cables and wires 

        to be routed around a building in an easily maintainable

Applications:Cable Support

        Manage cables with an open overhead system that's tested to handle heavy loads, easy to install on the job  

        site and a more flexible option than traditional conduit systems. Tested at every stage of the process, 

        Wire Mesh Cable Tray has performed in a wide variety of applications: heavy power cable pathways on oil 

        drilling platforms, below floors in modern office buildings and above ceilings in electrical and data installations.

        The zinc plating on these tray systems offers good corrosion resistance. Cut, bend, and connect the wire mesh 

        trays to route cable and hose in configurations such as curves, slopes, and tees. They are a lightweight option

        for organizing bundles of cable and hose while keeping them accessible.

        Use bolt cutters to cut trays to the size you need. The maximum capacity is based on mounting brackets spaced 

        every 6 feet.

        Straight connectors join two trays in a straight line.

        Clamp connectors can be used to join two trays after you have bent them. You can also use these connectors to

         join trays in a straight line.

         Drop outs relieve stress on the cable and hose as it exits the tray. Plastic drop outs can be attached to trays 

         without bending or removing any wires.

KOKA wire mesh basket is ideal for commercial and data center cable management, providing a flexible means of 

adapting your tray to fit your job-site application.

Easily modified for both horizontal and vertical transitions

Available in a variety of finishes to meet environmental and aesthetic requirements

Cable trays and baskets provide a safe open solution for routing cables and wires. Its wire-frame composition 

allows air to circulate for proper cable ventilation to provide a track that allows cables and wires to be routed

 around a building in an easily maintainable


Wire mesh cable tray supplies a point-to-point pathway for cables. Made of high quality steel wire and welded 

into 2" × 4" rectangular grid pattern. the grid is formed into U shaped channels, which supports and carry cables. 

The hole pattern design make it possible for the cables to pass through and go up and down.

Compared with fiberglass cable trays, the wire mesh cable tray has higher tensile strength and mechanical strength. 

The material of wire mesh cable trays are various, including carbon steel with various surface furnish and stainless 

steel. Different surface finish can suit different applications.

Specification :

Part No.





Steel ¢DLength(mm)Finish
Wire Mesh Cable Tray
WM-50*255025¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS316
WM-100*2510025¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS317
WM-150*2515025¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS318
WM-200*2520025¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS319
WM-300*2530025¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS320
WM-100*3510035¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS321
WM-150*3515035¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS322
WM-200*3520035¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS323
WM-300*3530035¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS324
WM-54*545454¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS325
WM-100*5410054¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS326
WM-150*5415054¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS327
WM-200*5420054¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS328
WM-300*5430054¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS329
WM-400*5440054¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS330
WM-450*5445054¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS331
WM-500*5450054¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS332
WM-600*5460054¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS333
WM-700*5470054¢63000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS334
WM-750*5475054¢63000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS335
WM-800*5480054¢63000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS336
WM-100*100100100¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS337
WM-150*100150100¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS338
WM-200*100200100¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS339
WM-300*100300100¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS340
WM-400*100400100¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS341
WM-450*100450100¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS342
WM-500*100500100¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS343
WM-600*100600100¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS344
WM-700*100700100¢63000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS345
WM-750*100750100¢63000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS346
WM-800*100800100¢63000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS347
WM-150*150150150¢43000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS348
WM-200*150200150¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS349
WM-300*150300150¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS350
WM-400*150400150¢53000/6000EG/HDG/Powder Coating/SS304/SS351


                  Noted : For More Information, Please View The Download Center. 


                  Noted : For More Information, Please View The Download Center. 

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